Saturday, January 9, 2016

8 Jan Joy Work Part 2

Dear S103,

Hope you enjoy your badge night.
Do get ready your books to start your lesson. Next week is even week which is Term 1 Week 2.
Look at a timetable and print it out and put it in a File.
I will need you to get a divider file so that you can start a good routine of organising your things.
The divider file can be of any colour that you like, the number of pocket will be decided on your own needs. You will need pockets for worksheets of your various subjects, hence to tag them like the following:
1 English
2 Chinese/ Hindi
3 Science
4 Math
6 Integrated Humanities
8 Forms

We will check that you have this on Monday during CCE lesson.
For the Subject Full Name, Check your Timetable page.

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