Monday, February 29, 2016

29 Feb Joy Work

1. English
-Animal farm Due: Monday Week 10

2. Math
-Math algebra notes Tier A
-Math 01 Primes summary worksheet

- History level test sample worksheet

Friday, February 26, 2016

26 Feb Joy work

-Science AT notes
-Science AT worsheet 1
-Science paper

2. Math
-2014, 2015 mock paper corrections
-2013 Math mock paper ( if you want to do)

3. English
-AA corrections/grammarly
  (post on LA blog by Mon
-Animal farm Due: Week 10 Mon

-History worksheet
-History notes

-Google sheet (Check google site)

Maths Diagnostic test.

Topics tested are:
Primes, HCM ,LCM
Real numbers,
Approximation and Estimation
Ratio, Rate, Speed

Thursday, February 25, 2016

25 Feb Joy Work

1. I & E
-Prepare pitch for I & E project
-Test out I & E product

2. Math
-Math 2014 & 2015 Math mock paper corrections
-Math 2013 mock paper ( If you want to do)

-Math correction (mr liu)

3. Science
-Science mock paper Due: Next week
-Science Atomic structure notes (videos on google site)

4. History
-History slides (read)
-History worksheet

5. Chinese
-听写 1.3 tomorrow
-习字 2.5(Google classroom)Due: Tomorrow

* Please bring S & W attire tomorrow and health booklet (just in case) 

Level Test 1 Timetable

Dear S103,

For your easy access to the Level Test 1 

Happy Studying!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gentle Reminder on Health Screening this Friday 26 FEB 2016

Dear Students

The schedule for Health Screening is ready, please click here for the schedule:
(1) By Date
(2) By Class
(3) Name list of selected students for review (Sec 3)
(4) Name list of selected students for review (Sec 4)

Date: 26 Feb 2016
Venue: Block B (B03-01)
Time:  1020 to 1120 EXCO please alert your subject teachers

Important, please remember:
(1) For both Secondary 1 & 2 students, please come in your PE attire
(2) For Secondary 3 & 4 students, you may either be in your PE attire or school uniform
(3) For new foreign students, please bring your Health Booklet and Immunization Certificates
(4) Some classes may be late for recess and slightly late for dismissal

For clarification, you may contact SST General Office. Thank you

Level test for IH

"Information about the Level Test:


5 X MCQ (5m)
2 X Source Based Questions (10m)
1 X Structured response question (5m)

Topics to be tested

- What is the work of a historian?

- Types of connections in the past

- The importance of trade routes

- Singapore and its connections with the rest of the world up to the 19th century

- The founding of Singapore"

-Chapter 1 and 2. SBQ skill (inference M.E.E.) and SEQ (P.E.E.L.)

24 Feb Joy Work

1. Math
-2014 & 2015 Math level test mock

2. English
- Personal recount (materials on spreadsheet and blendspace)
- Creative writing task 3 (grammarly check and upload on LA blog)
 Due: Friday

3. IRS
- IRS reviewing and analyzing the article worksheet (if you haven't finish)

4. Chinese
-Corrections for compo (错字)

-Bring ADMT things tomorrow

Science level test 1

topics ( 3rd March )

1) classes of materials
2) elements, compound and mixture
3) kinetic particle theory
4) separation technique
5) Atomic structure

10 MCQ questions (10 marks)
6-7 short structured questions (30 marks)
1 long question (10marks)
use your mindmap for revision
go through your homework and most importantly, go through the wrong questions.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

23 Feb Joy Work

1. Chinese
-Chinese worksheet

2. Math
-Math assignment 4.2
-Math algebra notes

-English worksheet page 2 personal recounts
-Type out creative writing task 3
 (grammarly check and upload on LA blog)
-Prepare English slides

4. ICT
-School song video

-Finish up your net diagram

6. IH
-History practice worksheet

7. Science
-Bring science file

Monday, February 22, 2016

22 Feb Joy Work

1. English
- English presentation slides

2. Chinese
-Chinese worksheet Q3 Pg2

- Please bring items for your packaging tomorrow

4. Math
-Math Algebra notes 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 (page 6 & 7)

-The history worksheet (lesson 16) (If you haven't finish)

Friday, February 19, 2016

19 Feb Joy Work

1. English
-Animal farm Due: 22 Feb Monday
-Journey to Chiron google sheet Due: Saturday night

2. Chinese
- 作文 Due: Monday
  ( 用一个小时写作文)
-Bring Chinese newspaper (the one that Mdm Yeo told us to bring)

-ADMT performance slides Due: 21 Feb
-Please prepare all the materials needed to create your product and bring when we have ADMT

4. ICT
-Photos project 
-Imovie project

5. Science 
-Science ST notes on Chemistry google site 
-Science ST  worksheet 1 
-Science ST worksheet 2 
-Science ST mind map (Just do in case)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

18 Feb Joy Work

-Science ST activity worksheet
-Science ST notes

2. S & W
- Upload video and photo on Google Classroom

3. Math
- Math assignment 4.1 Due: Tomorrow
-Math Algebra notes Classwork 1 Tier A
-Math Algebra notes Classwork 3 Tier A

-Animal farm Due: 22 Feb Monday

5. I & E
- Google classroom ( the two questions )

-There is 听写 1.2 tomorrow
-Read Chinese character spreadsheet and 好词佳句 worksheet

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

17 Feb Joy Work

1. English
- Benefits and challenges of Reciprocal teaching reflection ( 1/2 to 1 page )
-Journey to Chiron Google sheet Due: Tomorrow
-Animal Farm Due: Next Monday 22 Feb

2. IRS
-Literature Review Due: tomorrow

- Bring compass set and protractor
-ADMT performance slides Due: 21 Feb

4. ICT
-Photos project
-Imovie project

-Read Chinese passage

-ST science video (Lab)

7.Total Defence Day Reflection

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

16 Feb Joy work

1. IRS
- Literature review Due: Thursday

2. Math
-Math assignment 3.3 Due: Tomorrow
-Math Algebra notes page 2 Due: Tomorrow
-Math Number Line worksheet Due: Tomorrow

-English Comprehension Due:Wednesday
 * 10 word summary after every paragraph
 * Include time taken for the whole comprehension
-Animal farm Due; Next monday
-RT reflection on English notebook ( 1/2 to 1 page)

4. Science
- Do science ST activity worksheet
-Science ST worksheet 1

5. History
-Google classroom question
-History essay ( 2 paragraphs)

6. ICT

-ADMT performance task slides Due: 21 feb

8. Total Defence Day
-Total defence day reflection
   Here are the questions
  1. Thank you for...
  2. I can make Singapore a better place by...
  3. I pledge to contribute to Singapore by..

Monday, February 15, 2016

15 Feb Joy Work

- English Language Comprehension (Dan Manzur) Due on Wednesday
 * 10 word summary after every paragraph
 * Include time taken for the whole comprehension
- Animal Farm due: Next Monday 22 February
-Dan Manzur Google sheet (to fill in our answers)

- Math assignment 3.3
-Introduction to algebra (instructions on Google classroom) 

- History essay (2 paragraphs)

- Bring compass and geometric set

5. Science
-Watch science experiment on google site 

Note: Please come in school uniform, there is no S& W tomorrow 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

English Level Test 1

Level Test 1 (Term 1 Week 9)

A choice of a narrative story or personal recount will be assessed. Students are required to write a 250-350 word essay on a chosen topic within an hour.

Friday, February 12, 2016

华文 年级测验

  华文 Level Test :二月二十九日(星期一)
                                 8.45am - 9.45am ( 一小时)

12 Feb Joy work

1. Science
-Finish up KPT mind map
-Science purification and seperation techniques notes (page 1 to 10) on googlesite

2. Math
-Mathematics AA viva voce Due:tonight 11:59pm
- Math assignment 3.2
-Math assignment 3.3
-Math percentage SDL

3. I&E
-Google classroom question

Thursday, February 11, 2016

11 Feb Joy Work

1. Math
- Mathematics AA viva voce Due: 12 Feb ( tomorrow )
-Assignment 3.2 Due: Monday
-Revision through games (Check Google classroom) Due Tomorrow

2. Science
- Science KPT WS1 MCQ only
-Science heating curve graph redo ( KPT activity worksheet)
 (only for people who need to redo it)
 Please do it on graph paper

3. S&W
- Upload S&W video and photo on google classroom

4. I&E
-Google Classroom question (Must finish by tomorrow or else you have to stay back)

5. IH
- Inference activity ( the one we did in class)

*There is no chinese 听写 tomorrow

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10 Feb Joy Work

1. Math
-Math notes 3.2.2
-Math assignment 3.1 Due: Tomorrow

2. English
-Revise what we did today ( blendspace )

-Bring Compass set
- For those who did not bring your ADMT file, please bring tomorrow

4. IRS
-IRS Literature review template Due: 18 February

5. Chinese
-Chinese Mind map 学校暴力
- 2.4 习字 (on Google classroom)

That is all for today's work!

For NE Representatives of S103

Dear NE Representatives of 103,

In preparation of the upcoming National Education Events, SST NE Events Team would like to gather information. Please fill in this form.  There will be a NE meeting soon.  Do look out for it in Student Blog and/or via email.

Thank you.

NE Events Team

Saturday, February 6, 2016

CNY holiday Joy work

1. Science
-KPT Mindmap
-KPT activity worksheet
-KPT padlet on chemistry google site

2. English
- A sound of thunder reading programme

3. Math
- Self Directed Learning notes ( Percentage )
- Math AA Viva Voce Due: 12 Feb 

4. History
-Read History textbook page 83 to 86

Thursday, February 4, 2016

4 Feb Joy Work

1. Things to bring
-Phone/ valuables
- Chinese new year decorations (if have)
-Scissors (for paper cutting)
- Small bag
 Please remember to wear either a red shirt or your Chinese traditional costume

- Performance task slides Due: Tomorrow 2pm
- ADMT file with all your worksheets inside

3. History
- History textbook page 83-86

4. Science
- Science KPT mindmap
- Science KPT activity 2 and the graph
-Google site add your experiment results to padlet

5. English
-Upload your final story onto the new google drive folder Miss Oh just send.
  Label your story as 2016_s103_register no._name_final
 Story must be uploaded as a word document
- A sound of thunder reading programme  Due: When we come back to school, Wed 

That is all for today's work

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

3 Feb Joy Work

1. English
- Language Arts alternative assessment hard copy worksheets (put in a clear pocket )
  How to arrange
  1. AA package
  2. Draft 1
  3. Peer editing worksheet
  4. Draft 2 ( print)
  5. Draft 3 (print )

- Language Arts Alternative assessment Final copy Due: Tonight by 11.59 p.m. ( Do not hand in late)

2. Chinese
- Chinese mind map (article on bullying)
- Bring Chinese file

3. Math
- Math notes 3.2.2 tier A Class work 1&2

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fruits of Labour - Thank you EXCo and members of S103

Dear S103,

Here's the write-up for S103.
Thank you for volunteering and being proactive in helping to building a conducive environment for the class.

Here's the write-up by your EXCo.
Best Regards
FTs  of S103

The theme for our Class Decoration is Soaring High, Standing Tall and Together we grow.

For the back board, we have our class theme, birthdays of our classmates and last but not least the student profiles. With these decorations, we not just beautify the place, but also get to understand one another better and forge unbreakable friendships.

For the board at the top right hand corner of the classroom, we have decorated the board with bees, flowers, a beehive and a paper chain. The bees symbolises our belief for working hard together to strive for success together as a class. The beehive symbolises that we are like family. The flowers represents tasks that we will have to complete as a team and the paper chains represent our unbreakable bonds that we have formed.

For the board at the top left corner of the classroom, we have decorated the board with a tree and apples. These apples symbolize our fruits of labour when we put in effort in our various subjects.

For the inspirational quotes in the back of the classroom, we put it up for people who need comfort or advice to help them cope with their studies or any other problems they have. The inspirational quotes have been composed by the entire class and all of us took time to find the right quotes to put up.

We hope you will enjoy looking at this pleasant classroom just as we enjoyed the joy and laughter in class.

2 Feb Joy Work

1. Math
- Math assignment 2.4
- Math note tier A (Estimation and approximation)

2. English
- Language Arts Alternative assessment draft 4; upload on Google Classroom Due tonight 10 p.m.
- Language Arts Alternative Assessment Final copy Due: Wednesday 11:59 p.m.
- Language Arts alternative assessment hardcopy worksheet ( planning and peer editing) to be done and put in a clear plastic folder

-Science notes Kinetic Particle Theory ( on GoogleSite)
- Watch lab video ( on GoogleSite)

- Finish up your slides until slide 8

That is all for today's homework.

Monday, February 1, 2016

1 Feb Joy Work Part 2

- Upload your diagnostic essay in word document format on shared google folder

- Finish KPT notes, the rest of the videos are already uploaded

1 Feb Joy Work

1. English
-Peer editing worksheet
- Those who did not hand in your Harrison Bergeron worksheet ( The style chart and the worksheet at the back) by tomorrow *
- Label your creative writing task 1 & 2  'Creative writing task by ----'

2. Chinese
- 华文 Mind Map Due: Thursday

3. Math
- Watch Mr Ang's video on Edpuzzle
- Math assignment 2.3 
- Math 2.4.3 Classwork: Four Basic Arithmetic Operation Involving Rational and Negative numbers Tier A, B, C
- Fill out the google form that Mr Ang put on Google classroom

That is all for today's work :)

 So sorry for 28 Jan Joy Work's confusion on the math homework :( Won't happen again.