Monday, February 1, 2016

1 Feb Joy Work

1. English
-Peer editing worksheet
- Those who did not hand in your Harrison Bergeron worksheet ( The style chart and the worksheet at the back) by tomorrow *
- Label your creative writing task 1 & 2  'Creative writing task by ----'

2. Chinese
- 华文 Mind Map Due: Thursday

3. Math
- Watch Mr Ang's video on Edpuzzle
- Math assignment 2.3 
- Math 2.4.3 Classwork: Four Basic Arithmetic Operation Involving Rational and Negative numbers Tier A, B, C
- Fill out the google form that Mr Ang put on Google classroom

That is all for today's work :)

 So sorry for 28 Jan Joy Work's confusion on the math homework :( Won't happen again.

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