Thursday, February 4, 2016

4 Feb Joy Work

1. Things to bring
-Phone/ valuables
- Chinese new year decorations (if have)
-Scissors (for paper cutting)
- Small bag
 Please remember to wear either a red shirt or your Chinese traditional costume

- Performance task slides Due: Tomorrow 2pm
- ADMT file with all your worksheets inside

3. History
- History textbook page 83-86

4. Science
- Science KPT mindmap
- Science KPT activity 2 and the graph
-Google site add your experiment results to padlet

5. English
-Upload your final story onto the new google drive folder Miss Oh just send.
  Label your story as 2016_s103_register no._name_final
 Story must be uploaded as a word document
- A sound of thunder reading programme  Due: When we come back to school, Wed 

That is all for today's work

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