Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fruits of Labour - Thank you EXCo and members of S103

Dear S103,

Here's the write-up for S103.
Thank you for volunteering and being proactive in helping to building a conducive environment for the class.

Here's the write-up by your EXCo.
Best Regards
FTs  of S103

The theme for our Class Decoration is Soaring High, Standing Tall and Together we grow.

For the back board, we have our class theme, birthdays of our classmates and last but not least the student profiles. With these decorations, we not just beautify the place, but also get to understand one another better and forge unbreakable friendships.

For the board at the top right hand corner of the classroom, we have decorated the board with bees, flowers, a beehive and a paper chain. The bees symbolises our belief for working hard together to strive for success together as a class. The beehive symbolises that we are like family. The flowers represents tasks that we will have to complete as a team and the paper chains represent our unbreakable bonds that we have formed.

For the board at the top left corner of the classroom, we have decorated the board with a tree and apples. These apples symbolize our fruits of labour when we put in effort in our various subjects.

For the inspirational quotes in the back of the classroom, we put it up for people who need comfort or advice to help them cope with their studies or any other problems they have. The inspirational quotes have been composed by the entire class and all of us took time to find the right quotes to put up.

We hope you will enjoy looking at this pleasant classroom just as we enjoyed the joy and laughter in class.

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