Friday, April 29, 2016

29 April Joy Work

Class Blog Homework 
1. Science 
-Science Paper Common test mock (Chemistry) (Answers on Google site)

2. English 
- English visual text scores Due : This afternoon@3pm 
-English comprehension (Animal Farm) scores Due : This afternoon@3pm 

3. I & E 
- Empathetic research Due: Saturday 

4. Chinese 
-Chinese cloze passage worksheet (Answers will be posted on Google Classroom

5. ADMT 
-ADMT 3M innoscience challenge Due: TODAY

6. Math
-Math algebra self-learning worksheet (Answers on Google classroom)

Please bring the following for exams 
1. Clear plastic pencil case/Ziploc bag
2. Student pass 
3. Small bag (optional) 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

28 April Joy Work

Class Blog Homework 
1. Science 
-Science Paper Common test mock (Chemistry) (Answers on Google site)

2. I & E 
- Empathetic research Due: Saturday 

3. Chinese 
-Chinese comprehension worksheet 2 (Mdm Yeo will go through the first worksheet tomorrow 练习2)Due: Tomorrow

4. ADMT 
-ADMT 3M innoscience challenge Due: Tomorrow

5. Math
- Solving word problems using algebra worksheet Due: Tomorrow

Common Test Chinese Language Topics


一) 实用文

二) 作文


Refer to Google Classroom for the materials.

2016 年中一快捷 第一学期分数
CA1 分数(占全年20%
1) 年级测验(40分) 占全年10%
2) 专题作业Alternative Assessement (100) 占全年10%

SA1分数 (统一测验) 占全年20%
统一测验(Common Test) 考试项目:
卷格式 统一测验包括下列三个:
1.     卷一:写作 2 60/40% of SA1
卷包括用文和作文两部分。考生在写作,可以使用 考定的典。

试题中任,字数在 150 以上。考生可以根 据所提供的电邮内容,写一个回复电邮
试题中任,字数在 300 以上。考的文 体包括情境记叙文。
2.    卷二:文理解与13070/45%  of  SA1
卷考目包括:合填空、阅读理解()阅读 理解(), 共有 30 目。
第一部分:合填空 考生根据所提供的短文内容和上下文的意思,出最适当的答 案。请学课文的词语。(单元123

3 4 用性料或短文的内容,出最适 当的答案。考查技能:单元123
2 3 个短文的内容回答问题考查技能:单元123
2.4 卷三:听力理解 35      20/15% of SA 1

Math subjects to study

1.Primes, HCH, LCM,
2.Real Numbers,
3.Approximation and estimation,
4.Introduction to Algebra,
5.Algebraic factorization,
6.Algebraic expansion and
7.a little bit of linear equations

Science- Biology Topics

1) All the Lesson materials are up on your google classroom.
Please Print out the PDF notes so that you can highlight the notes.
If you have the google classroom App on your handphone you may read it on the bus or train.

Topic 1 Cell Structures and Organisation
Topic 2 Digestion and cellular respiration
Topic 3 Transport in Humans

Thank you.

Common Test Time Table

Dear S1 students,

Please refer to the 2016 Common Test Schedule below:

Please refer to Google sites to download the Schedule.

Science- Chemistry Common Test Topics

Please refer to the google sites for your Common Test

1 Classes & Properties of Materials
2 Elements, Compounds & Mixutres
3 Kinetic Particle Theory
4 Purification and Separation Techniques
5 Atomic Structure and Periodic Table
6 Acids and Bases

Common Test IH topics and format

Date: 5th May (Thursday)

Duration of paper: 1hr 15 mins

Format: SBQ and SEQ

Section A: SBQ Case Study (16 Marks) {Need to Quote From The Text}

- 3 Sub-questions for the SBQ Case Study, testing the answering skill on Inference and Inference with purpose

-P.E.E. Twice [5m] Example: What can you infer from....? {Inference}
-P.E.E. Twice (Minimum Once), 5A {Inference with Purpose}

Section B: SEQ(Don't Need to Quote From The Text)

P.E.E. (Number Of Times Depends On The Question) Example: Which Is More Detrimental For The Chinese - Opium or Gambling

How To Answer:

STEP 1----Write About The First Option In P.E.E. Format. Example:
P: The Opium Is Detrimental To The Chinese Because Of Health Affects
E: Evidence...
E: Explanation

STEP 2----Write About The Second Option In P.E.E. Format. Example:
P: Purpose...
E: Evidence...
E: Explanation...

STEP 3----Conclusion
A)Conclusion( Evaluate)
B)Why it is better than the other one (Debunk)

- 2 Questions for the SEQ (14 Marks)

Topics Tested:

- Founding Of Singapore (Chapter 2) People Who Founded Singapore: Raffles, Sang Nila Utama, Farquhar

-International Migration In The 19th Century(Chapter 3) [Push And Pull Factors]

-The Lives Of The Migrants (Chapter 4) [European, Chinese, Malays, Indians]

Remember to do the 5A
1.Author - Who created/published it?
2.Audience - Who are the people that they are talking to?
3.Aim - What is their desired outcome?
4.Anticipated reaction - How they will react?
5.Anticipated Outcome - In the end, what will they do?

Common Test EL

Dear Students,

We are entering the final week of revision before the mid-year assessment. 

Secondary One Language Arts Common Test will be conducted on Tuesday, 3 May 2016
Please be informed of the assessment components which we have reviewed in the past weeks: 

Paper 1 Writing [70 marks]
Duration of Paper 1: 1 hour 50minutes 
This paper is divided into three sections.
Section A: Editing [10 marks]
In a given text of continuous prose of not more than 250 words, candidates identify and then edit grammatical errors by writing the corrections in the spaces provided. Errors in punctuation and spelling will not be tested in this section.

Section B: Situational Writing [30 marks]
Candidates write a text of 250–300 words based on a given situation which will involve viewing a visual text. Candidates are required to write the text (an informal letter) to suit the purpose, audience and context.

Section C: Continuous Writing [30 marks]
Candidates choose one out of four topics to write a text of 250–350 words in continuous prose. The topics set may cover different types of narrative texts (e.g. a story, a personal recount or reflective writing).

Paper 2 Comprehension [50 marks]

Duration of Paper 2: 1 hour 50 minutes

This paper is divided into three sections. 
Section A [5 marks]
This section contains Text 1 which will include visuals. Based on the visual text, candidates are required to answer a variety of questions testing comprehension, and on the use of visuals as well as the use of language for impact.

Section B [20 marks]
This section contains Text 2, which is narrative in nature, based on which candidates are to answer questions testing comprehension, vocabulary in context and the use of language for impact. 

Section C [25 marks]
This section contains Text 3, which is an extract from Animal Farm, based on which candidates are required to answer questions testing characters analysis and themes, comprehension and the use of language for impact.

If you have any queries, please email me directly or raise them during lesson time. 

Thank you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

27 April Joy Work

Class Blog Homework 
1. Science 
-Science Paper Common test mock (Chemistry) (Answers on Google site)

2. English 
-Upload scores on spreadsheet (Editing) Due: Tomorrow 

3. Math
- Ratio Rate and Speed worksheet Due: Tomorrow 
-2015 mock paper if you do not want to stay back to do. 

4. Chinese 
-Chinese comprehension worksheet (Mdm Yeo will go through the first worksheet tomorrow 练习一)Due: Tomorrow

5. ADMT 

-ADMT 3M innoscience challenge Due: Friday 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

26 April Joy Work

Class Blog Homework 
1. Science 
-Science Paper Common test mock (Chemistry) Answers will be posted (google site) 

2. English 
-Planning for Situational and free writing 

3. Math
- Math Rate Ratio and speed SDL Worksheet

-ADMT 3M innoscience project Due: Friday

Monday, April 25, 2016

Reminder for Tuesday's ADMT lesson

Please bring your LD with you for tomorrow's ADMT lesson as we would be doing peer evaluation.

25 April Joy Work

Class Blog Homework 
1. Science 
-Science Paper (Chemistry) Finish up if you haven't done 

2. English 
-English Animal Farm Booklet (Character, Chapter1 persuasive language, allegory) 
-Animal Farm WS 
-Visual text WS

3. Chinese 
-作业3 If you haven't finish 

Friday, April 22, 2016

CE Lesson 22 April

Story 1
This is an excerpt of a letter from P. Doraisamy, a retired teacher, to his grandchildren.

Do you remember when you were about eight years old, and I had just been discharged from hospital after a spinal surgery? Your mother had given you strict orders not to disturb grandpa so that he could have some rest and sleep. But then you had to personally reassure yourself that he was going to be fine. So you crept into my room, and thinking that I was sound asleep, you traced my bandaged wound with your soft tiny fingers. You stroked it lightly to ease my pain. I did not exactly know what thoughts were going on in your mind. But at that moment, I was deeply touched by your care and concern. I felt a warm glow of love engulf me. I felt so blessed to have you as my grandchild. Perhaps, no medicine could have eased my pain or comforted me as effectively as your loving touch. How wonderful it would be, I wondered then, if your compassionate heart would continue to grow and let you find joy and fulfilment in stroking away the pain from those who need to be touched with love and kindness.

Story 2
This is an excerpt of a letter from Mdm Goh Geok Eng, a retired school principal, to her granddaughter.

So what would I wish for you, my little granddaughter, as you grow up?

I wish for you wisdom and discernment (ability to make good judgement) – to make wise choices in life and to be able to discern what is important in allocating what to do with your time.

I wish for you the 3 Fs – a strong faith, cohesive family and staunch friends (loyal with good values). These will provide a strong foundation for you to weather the storms of life.

I wish for you to be content with your lot (what you have) but always striving to do better.

Lastly, I wish for you to leave the world a better place than you found it. We have not done too well with the environment, keeping crime and violence in check, even with bringing up our children! But I pray that you will touch lives, be the example and be a blessing to many.

Story 3
This is an excerpt of a letter from Asmah Laili, a retired broadcaster, to her eldest grandchild.

As the eldest, whether we come from a rich or poor family, we learn to be the “head of the family”. This means our responsibilities become heavier as we have younger siblings who need attention. We should be the best example to our siblings. We are like a “hero” and they will emulate whatever you do. If we like to shout, they too will do the same.

When they see our success, surely they will want to follow in our footsteps. I feel that if you share the secret behind your success, it would be swell! I know that you are diligent and you must encourage Hafez and Sofea to be likewise and hand in their homework on time.

I am convinced that this sharing attitude will bring us closer to each other and most importantly, will make us tolerant, good-hearted, generous and helpful human beings.

22 April Joy Work

1. English
-The Southpaw and the Bracelet
-Animal Farm Worksheet
- Post "Grammarly" Checked Creative Writing Task 5 onto LA Blog

2. Math
- Finish up all past year Common Tests papers (Optional, Advisable to do finish)

3. Chinese
-作业3 (不要做写作)
-作文4, Prepare for Monday