Friday, April 29, 2016

29 April Joy Work

Class Blog Homework 
1. Science 
-Science Paper Common test mock (Chemistry) (Answers on Google site)

2. English 
- English visual text scores Due : This afternoon@3pm 
-English comprehension (Animal Farm) scores Due : This afternoon@3pm 

3. I & E 
- Empathetic research Due: Saturday 

4. Chinese 
-Chinese cloze passage worksheet (Answers will be posted on Google Classroom

5. ADMT 
-ADMT 3M innoscience challenge Due: TODAY

6. Math
-Math algebra self-learning worksheet (Answers on Google classroom)

Please bring the following for exams 
1. Clear plastic pencil case/Ziploc bag
2. Student pass 
3. Small bag (optional) 

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