Monday, April 4, 2016

4 April Joy Work

1. Chinese
-Read Chinese newspaper page 2

2. English
-English Worksheet page 5-7
(Page 8 has 1 question)

3. CE
-CE worksheet page 4

4 CE International Friendship Slides ( refer to your email)

Dear S103,

On Second thoughts, I think the whole class can collaborate to do the IFD slide. Since it is International Friendship Day. It will be a good avenue for all of you to pen down your thoughts about friends. It will be good to put down pictures that you will like to share. It can be friends from Secondary School or Primary school.  Each one do one slide. Slide one belongs to index 1 and Slide 2 index 2, and so on. Then the 5 volunteers will do the last editing part.
Thank you and have fun.

5. Math
-Please check Math google classroom

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