Thursday, April 28, 2016

Common Test IH topics and format

Date: 5th May (Thursday)

Duration of paper: 1hr 15 mins

Format: SBQ and SEQ

Section A: SBQ Case Study (16 Marks) {Need to Quote From The Text}

- 3 Sub-questions for the SBQ Case Study, testing the answering skill on Inference and Inference with purpose

-P.E.E. Twice [5m] Example: What can you infer from....? {Inference}
-P.E.E. Twice (Minimum Once), 5A {Inference with Purpose}

Section B: SEQ(Don't Need to Quote From The Text)

P.E.E. (Number Of Times Depends On The Question) Example: Which Is More Detrimental For The Chinese - Opium or Gambling

How To Answer:

STEP 1----Write About The First Option In P.E.E. Format. Example:
P: The Opium Is Detrimental To The Chinese Because Of Health Affects
E: Evidence...
E: Explanation

STEP 2----Write About The Second Option In P.E.E. Format. Example:
P: Purpose...
E: Evidence...
E: Explanation...

STEP 3----Conclusion
A)Conclusion( Evaluate)
B)Why it is better than the other one (Debunk)

- 2 Questions for the SEQ (14 Marks)

Topics Tested:

- Founding Of Singapore (Chapter 2) People Who Founded Singapore: Raffles, Sang Nila Utama, Farquhar

-International Migration In The 19th Century(Chapter 3) [Push And Pull Factors]

-The Lives Of The Migrants (Chapter 4) [European, Chinese, Malays, Indians]

Remember to do the 5A
1.Author - Who created/published it?
2.Audience - Who are the people that they are talking to?
3.Aim - What is their desired outcome?
4.Anticipated reaction - How they will react?
5.Anticipated Outcome - In the end, what will they do?

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