Tuesday, May 17, 2016

17 May Joy Work

Class Blog Homework 
1. Science 
-Science Reproduction in Human worksheet 1 Due: Next Tuesday 
-Science RIH notes 

2. Geography 
- Google classroom: 09elm9g
-Lesson package 1 Due: Next Tuesday
-Lesson package 2 Due: Next Tuesday ( in case )
-Read Geography textbook 4 to 23
- Items to bring every Geography lesson 
   1. A4 SST notebook 
   2. Recycled A4 File (Like the Science file)
   3. Protractor 
   4.A long ruler 
   5. 30 cm white sewing thread 
   6.  Soft eraser 
   7. 2B pencil, pens and highlighter 

3. Math 
-Math target setting spreadsheet 
-2015 AMC paper Due: After June Holiday 
-Assignment 8.1 Due: After Jun Holiday 
-Assignment 8.2 Due: After June Holiday 
-Read up on inequality notes 

- The three skeleton key
- Scout's Honor 
-Re write draft 2 for common test paper 1 (Compo) Due: After June HOliday 
-Reflection for Humanities trail Due: Next Tues 

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