Sunday, May 29, 2016

Holiday Homework (All subjects)

The holiday homework for geography is chapter 2 only.

Geography ebook
-Watch the video on  Students speak out against bullying

-Watch the video on"Hope", a Sensory Poem

-Watch the video on Six Step Research Process

-Do Scout's Honor

- 2 book reports (handwritten)

- 5 Independent learning logs (post on LA Blog)

- English 2012 Mock paper

-Re write your compo- Draft 2 ( Common Test)
- Chinese Alternative Assessment draft 1 (Due on Friday)

- Read a short story in Teenage Digest every day
4, Math
- Workbook Revision Papers
a) Revision Test A1 (Page 41)
b) Revision Test A2 (Page 43)
c) Revision Test B1, Q1 - Q4 (Page 81)
d) Revision Test B2 Q1 - Q4 (Page 83)

- Assignment 7.1 and 7.2
  ( Please read up the textbook topic 5 and study notes before attempting the assignments.)

-AMC Math Paper (Fill in answers in google form on the google site)
Principals of design (Check Google classroom for information )
6. Science
Science worksheet for those who received it. (Not compulsory for those who didn’t receive the hard copy, soft copy on Google class)

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