Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Holiday Homework

Class Blog Homework 
1. Science 
-Science RIH notes 

2. Geography 
-Lesson package 2 Due: Next Tuesday ( in case )
-Read Geography textbook 4 to 23

3. Math 
-2015 AMC paper Due: After June Holiday 
-Assignment 8.1 Due: After June Holiday 
-Assignment 8.2 Due: After June Holiday 
-Read up on inequality notes 

- The three skeleton key
- Scout's Honor 
-Re write draft 2 for common test paper 1 (Compo) Due: After June Holiday 
-Using Rolfe's Reflection Model, submit a 1-page (handwritten; about 250-350 words) critical analysis of:   What? So what? Now what?
of the bullying issue discussed. Support your statements with relevant examples.

(Use Paul's Wheel of Reasoning to help you analyse the issue.)
  Check Google classroom?edpuzzle assignment 

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