Wednesday, June 29, 2016

29 June Joy Work

The 1. Math
-Math notes Linear Graphs page 1 to 8 (Check google class for details) 
-Math diagnostic test and fill out the google form 

2. Physics 
-Physics chapter 1 mindmap (refer to google site

-Science worksheet (Must do page 4-7, but do the whole thing in case) 
-Do Chapter 1 mindmap and watch videos on Google site

3. Geography
-Complete the corrections for pages 1-13 for the Chapter 1 lesson package
-Get your parents to sign the pages Miss Loh had told us of in the Chapter 1 lesson package
-Bring Geography lesson package 2

4. English
-Watch the Malala Videos
-Read the Singapore Conversation
-Read the RI articles

Bring thermometer and report book and sdm form 

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