Thursday, July 14, 2016

14 July Joy Work

Class Blog Homework 
1. Geography 
-   iBook Chapters One to Two (work on chapter 3-5) 
-  Lesson Package One Corrections and Parent's Signature
- MapWork on Locations of Continents, Oceans and Countries
-  Lesson Package Two P2 to P9.
-Study for geography test 

2.  IRS 
-IRS ibook (Question, intro and body in the ibook) Due: Next lesson

3. I and E
- I and E generating solution ideas to problem (Performance Task) Due: Next Monday 

- Start working on Literature review 
-English level Test 2 Mock paper Due:Monday 
-Reading Program Week 3 Due: Monday 
- Summary worksheet Due: Monday 

5. Science
-Watch physics lecture series 
--Physics worksheet 1 (Kinematics)  

7. ADMT 
- ADMT icons Due: Tomorrow 
-Bring ADMT file 

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