Thursday, July 7, 2016

7 July Joy Work

Class Blog Homework 
1. I and E 
- I and E draft Due: Monday 

2. ADMT 
- Principals of design worksheet (Fill up all the boxes Due: Tomorrow 

3. English 
- English reading programme week 2 and 3 Due: Next Week 

4. Chinese
-Hand in your 作业本pg 24-40 

5. Math 
-Assignment 9.3 Due: July 11
-Assignment 9.4 and 9.6 Due: July 13
6. Geography 
-Lesson Package 1 (Parents signature and bring) 
-Lesson Package 2 (Pg 1-9) 
-ibook chapter 3 to 5 
-Textbook pg34-37 and 42-45

1. Lesson for the week : Chapter One (summary) and Chapter Two
1.1 Lesson Packaged One : Submission of Corrections and Parent's Signature on Page One
1.2 Chapter Two : 
1.2.1 Textbook p24 to 41 : the skills are incorporated into Lesson Packages One to Four and iBook Chapters One to Five.
1.2.2 Textbook p42 to 45 : Map work on Locations of Continents, Oceans and Countries

2. iBook Chapters One to Five
2.1 Chapters One and Two : To tidy up the details for content, photographs, diagrams, videos and citation
2.2 Chapters Three to Five : To fill in the content and the required fields as per iBook instruction

3. GeoChallenge 1.1
3.1 A milestone check on your answering skills and time management.
3.2 Read up Chapters One and Two of your textbook. 

4. Suggested Schedule
4.1 Friday : Read up Chapter One and Two plus your written notes
4.2 Saturday : Work on iBook Chapters Three to Five

4.3 Sunday : Revise on Chapter One and Two

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