Friday, September 30, 2016

CE Lesson

Group 1
Scenario 3
Zak and Joshua had a bad quarrel a couple of weeks ago in the band room. As a result, Zak started to pass sarcastic remarks at Joshua whenever there was an opportunity to. Just today, you overheard Zak telling Joshua that he was such an ‘idiot’.

Group 2
Scenario 4a
Terry was often excluded by his classmates from games, group discussions and project work. He was observed to be increasingly unhappy in school.

Group 3
Scenario 4b
Lilian and Simon used to be best friends, until they had a fight. Since then, Lilian had been spreading false rumours about Simon, saying that he often wets his pants at night. Others started to avoid Simon and everyone laughed at him saying that he wets his pants and his bed.

Group 4
Scenario 5
Josephine’s favourite past time was to surf the internet. One day, while in the online chatroom, she was invited into a private conversation with a group of her classmates. Upon accepting the invite, she was shocked to see that the conversation was centred on one of their classmates, Angela, and her classmates were making all sorts of nasty remarks about Angela.
Scenario 6
Scott and his friend had been picking on Michael a lot. They would push him away or demand things from Michael. One day, when Michael was walking along the corridor, Scott and his friend knocked Michael’s books out of his hands and laughed at him. Other students looked on with concern but no one did anything to help.


  1. Type of Bullying: Verbal Abuse
    Intent: Spread False rumours about Simon, so that people would avoid him
    Bullying Behaviour: Spreading False rumours about Simon.

  2. Scenario 3
    Bullying behaviour: Zak made sarcastic remarks at Joshua and he called Joshua an idiot
    Type of bullying: verbal

  3. Group 2: This is bullying, because he was isolated and make them feel as though there is no one they can rely on.

  4. Scenario 5
    She should tell her friends that are badmouthing `Angela that it is wrong not the right thing to do and not tell Angela about it.


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