The timetable will take effect on Term 1 Week 2. 
There is a change in the timetable, please refer to this latest version. Thank you
(Updated 3 Jan 2016) 

SST timetable operates on Odd and Even Week structure. 
Hence if you see a double block in a particular time slot, the Upper Block is Odd Week 
and the Lower Block is the Even Week.
Example Tuesday Morning 0805 to 0855, on odd weeks you have S&W and on even week you have Mother Tongue.
Subjects that you will be taking 
EL- English 
CL- Chinese Hindi students will proceed to Hindi Room at Level 4 Blk B for lessons.
SCI- Science
IH- Integrated Humanities History for Semester 1 and Geography for Semester 2
ADMT- Art, Media and Design 
S&W- Sports and Wellness 
I&E- Innovation and Enterprise 
ICT- Information and Communications Technology
IRS-Interdisciplinary Research Studies


  1. mdm yeo, why are there two different subjects on Tuesday morning from 8:05 to 8:55?

  2. Thanks Ian.
    The Upper Block is for Odd Week, that is Week 1, 3 , 5 etc
    The Lower Block is for Even Week, that is Week 2, 4, 6 etc

    So on Tuesday Morning 0805- 0855 on odd week you have S&W.
    on Tuesday Morning 0805 - 0855 on even week you have Chinese.


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